Alpha and Omega

Graph Of Divine You Individualized as I AM

Twin Flame Karma

ISIS Flow Within - Part III

We are a dual being with a masculine and feminine side. If we are male we are 60% male and 40% female and vice versa for the female. Yet few on earth realize that we are both masculine and feminine beings and honor the lesser 40% in us. This is a sometimes humorous, and true, look at how and what the masculine and feminine each contribute to living, working and making decisions, and how they can work in harmony when the masculine honors the feminine's spiritual and moral side and the feminine honors the masculine's will and power. We also see the masculine's tendency to overpower the feminine and why. While each have strengths to bring, the world has developed around the masculine's way of living and the feminine's way is put down, ignored or overpowered by the masculine power and his tendency to be selfish. Can we truly bring the best of each together and live as a harmonious being first within ourselves, and then in the world? The only way to know is to begin within ourselves.

Defending the Right of God Good in Nature

God gave us a beautiful planet and the ability to co-create. Yet what have we created? This is a story of attempting to return a plot of land to beauty and how difficult it was and why. The lessons learned from God inspiration and how this relates to our planet and nature's connection with mankind's miscreations can inspire us to do more in our own life to make things right in the macrocosm of our world.

Conscious Victory in Knowing God the Mother

God the Mother's Wisdom Opposed - Part I

The Mother's Wisdom Exposes the Great Whore Lies - Part II

This article has a complete list of Ascended Master terms and the new description gleaned from Kim Michaels Conscious You teachings .

Impostors of Twin Flames

A long time ago soul twin flames began to separate from their twin. They entertained energies that created the lower self, the carnal mind and human ego, and eventually they were tempted away from their twin flame by impostors of their twin. A look at the foundation of our God relationship with our spiritual beginnings and our relationship to our twin flame.

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History over the 20th Century to the Present


Sumer is generally considered the cradle of civilization that came into existence about 6,000 years ago. It holds many mysteries and many firsts, even giving us our time we still use today of 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in a hour and even 12" in a foot. The Sumerians tells us from their writing that they inherited their knowledge from the gods and that their gods came down from heaven creating the first cities on earth.