The Path of My Ascension

We can win our ascensions. It takes works and dedication to be your Real Self and there are many requirements to fulfill, yet the path of personal Christhood can guide you the whole way. And we can continue to stay in embodiment and serve the light to help others win their ascensions. What one can do all can do. Join me!

Wisdom Teachings on the Inner Path

To Thine Own Self Be True - Following the Inner Truth and Way

Being obedient to inner direction from one's Higher Self is very important to excel on the path of personal Christhood. Following outer direction from a Guru or Prophet has always been part of the path.When do we follow the outer direction over our inner direction? The Holy Spirit will direct us. Learning when it is the Holy Spirit and when it is our own lower minds or false impostors entering our minds is integral to the path of Christhood.

The Path of the Rose Cross

Understanding the mysteries of a higher path of love.

The Mystery of the Emerald

The mystery of the true path and the sponsorship of mystery schools, messengers and individuals.

Ascending to God Consciousness

Making Better Decisions in the Here and Now

Learning some tried and true steps to a higher consciousness.

In Love

Where there is one mind, there is one heart

Twin Flame Karma - Part VIII

I AM THAT I AM Twin Flames

The pain of the crucifixion is followed by the resurrection and the ascension. I walked the steps to Christhood, was crucified by the ones I loved and won my ascension. I am living testimony to the path. I have been a witness to the reunion with I AM. My joy is being in oneness with I AM and the light of I AM THAT I AM. Each one can walk this path and have their victory.

For the rest of the Twin Flame Karma series:

Part I - Following God's Will - Learn how Adam and Eve fell as the Messenger lived through Eve's fall as she took on the energies Eve succumbed to. As she describes her tests and victories it becomes clear what initiations Eve failed and how Adam played a role in her fall.

Part II - The More I AM - Learn who your Real Self is and how conflict and competition began the development of the ego that started first in Adam, or the masculine twin flame. Learn the difference in what caused the fall of Adam from what caused the fall in Eve and what is the secret about divine direction and the only way back to Father-Mother God.

Part III - The ISIS Flow Within - How many of us realize we are both masculine and feminine? And if we do, do we know how different they both are from each other? How do you work together as a team on the inner and get things done harmoniously when they have different goals? Does one side always get its way depending on if you are more masculine or more feminine? How do you have a relationship between a man and woman with some of these major differences of looking at life and decision making? These questions and more are answered as the Messenger shares her experiences getting to know the masculine and feminine within and how they can work together, and harmoniously, and then how she applied that to outer relationships.

Part IV - Divine Direction and Victory - the Way to Bliss - On the path of the ascension there are many levels of direction. The further we are from oneness with I AM and our Christ Self the further we are from receiving inner direction. As you grow in self-mastery you also grow in spiritual communication and sometimes under an outer Guru, yet we always have an inner guru whether we hear him or not. We may develop clairaudience in time. Yet beyond clairaudience there is a higher level. It is being one with the Mother's Wisdom. It is a place of knowing and above hearing. But does the world accept and honor this form of higher communication? Twin flames separated because they stopped accepting each other's differences and levels on the path which includes different ways of receiving inner guidance. When Eve accepted her higher knowing was wrong the ramifications were catastrophic for all future generations, she and Adam had cast off the true Mother. Yet if you can follow this inner wisdom regardless of what assails you in opposition to it, you can rise above the pain into bliss.

Part V - Life Is Not Always What It Seems - When twin flames can honor each other's differences and learn to flow together in utilizing both their power and love, harmony and wisdom can flow between them. This flow can be between any male-female relationship when you set aside competition and allow Being to flow between you. Witnessing this cosmic dance through the Christ Son, leaves you feeling in awe that this flow can exist so wonderfully between a man and a woman.

Part VI - Mentally Less or Powerfully More? - A look at a few savants and how they have transcended the human brain to become powerfully more. What can we do with a brain that functions normally? Yet if we are afraid of making mistakes and see the feminine side of ourselves as the part that makes mistakes, even the soul that is feminine, can we truly become Christed Beings as we are meant to be?

Part VII - The Mother Receives Condemnation - We must be as "wise as serpents and as harmless as doves". But we cannot become wise without the Mother and without the restoration of the Divine Feminine within both man and woman. The masculine brings his wisdom of the Father, but the Mother brings the wisdom of the heart. Both are necessary for the integration of wholeness within our Being. The masculine looks to get from the feminine the praise, the adoration, the sense of empowerment that he is More without really Being More. When the feminine gives selflessly and the masculine seeks to get rather than give, thinking her gift is impure and wrong, she turns to a false giving to receive acceptance.  She falsely gives the masculine what he wants, and what she receives in return is the false adoration.

Part VIII - I AM THAT I AM Twin Flames

God is Calling You Home

A look at how we turn from the Father and the Father's representatives and attempt to hide our sins. God sends His Love. Reject it not.

Putting the Capstone on the Pyramid

The pyramid of you starts with the building of the foundation in Mother. When you understand yourself as "You" and embrace Being "I AM," you will know the fulfillment of Being the "EYE" at the apex of Being in the capstone of the pyramid.

Mystery of the Dark Nights

The dark nights are initiations that all lifestreams pass through on their path to the ascension. There are four dark nights, two of which Saint John speaks about and two that are newly identified.