The Ascended Master Truth


The Path to the Ascension

There are two paths to the goal of winning one's ascension. The first path is to become the Christ and the second path is to become the Mother. Together these two paths form the One Mystical Path of union with I AM here in Matter and I AM in Spirit. As I AM in Matter realizes self is more in Spirit, and that more is God Reality, the self below becomes one with the Self Above. I AM that I AM crystallizes in the adept in the ritual of the ascension through a process in the heart, as the spiritual center of Being.

The path of the Ascension requires becoming More. The world promotes the more that leads to self-annihilation. Day by day the soul must choose the More of Being I AM or the MORE of selfishness where there is only greed and lust. When people want MORE without consequences, without responsibility, without true love, the MORE becomes their god. The people become addicted to all manner of stimulants and cravings and when these desires are satiated there is only a temporary sense of fulfillment until the desires return in a never-ending cycle of wanting MORE.

There are God desires and human desires. The choice to love God and His Will precludes the MORE and is the key to winning your ascension. Having walked the path of the ascension and becoming an unascended ascended master in the tradition of the bodhisattva vow, with years of working directly under unascended and Ascended Masters, this website is dedicated to Being More I AM.

The first step is to become the Christ. Jesus was the Wayshower to manifest Being the Christ. The path is difficult. The first obstacle to overcome starts with listening to the inner man of the heart, the still small voice of God, over the din of the mass consciousness and one's lower self. Love is the Key. One must love God more than anything in this world, whereby the soul and consciousness will know the absolute truth of Being.

In a step-by-step initiatic process, coordinated and orchestrated by the Higher Self of the soul under the cosmic beings and Ascended Masters who govern the destiny of earth, the soul rises to the heart and merges with the Higher Self. The consciousness that has awareness as the spiritual self, while yet existing in the world, begins the path of Being the Mother. This path is equally difficult to Being the Christ. Like the mass consciousness of the world against the Christ, so too is the mass consciousness against the Mother. The world has raised up the Great Whore image of Mother as the perfect expression of nurturance. When the true Mother Light shines forth to defend truth and Being, bringing compassion, mercy and judgment, her Being is rejected and condemned by the ungodly.

Throughout history this condemnation of the Mother and Christ can be seen. Yet through love souls have won their ascension, regardless of the resistance. Love is greater than any opposition. Love will overcome any adversity. Love will conquer any difficulty. Love is the Key.

Unascended Ascended Lady Master Luara

Real Self